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  • Brand: Huion 繪王
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With the new multi-touch pad,you could zoom in and out or rotate your artwork simply by using the usual gestures.

  1. Pressure Level 8192Levels
  2. Pen Resolution 5080 LPI
  3. Accuracy ±0.3mm
  4. Customized shortcut key
  5. wireless access and wired transmission
  6. With the USB Type-C interface
  7. cross-platform compatible
Graphic Tablet
Technology Cordless Active Electromagnetic Resonance Technology + Capacitive Touch
Active Area Pen: 10"X 6.2" / Finger: 3.68" x 2.33"
Pen Pressure 8192 Levels
Resolution 5080 LPI(Line Per Inch) - Accuracy ±0.3mm
Report Rate 233 RPS
Reading Height 12mm
Express Keys 6 Customized Press Keys
Wireless Distance 2.4G Approx. 10-20m(Depending on the actual use of the environment)
Battery Capacity 2500mAh-Approx. 40hrs
Active Pen PF150 Rechargetable sensitivity pen
OS Support Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X10.11 or later
Software Compatible PhotoShop | illustrator | Sketchbook | 3D Max | Maya | AutoCad | CorelDraw | CorelPainter | Clip Studio Paint | Sai | Misschief | Art Rage | Expresii 寫意 | Kirta | MediBang Paint Pro | Inkscape |未能盡錄

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