18mm HD Wide Angle Lens

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HD Wide Angle Lens - NO DISTORTION (≤2%)


Up to F1.8 

WHEN TO USE Wide Angle Lens

Landscapes: Fit in the full grandeur of that jaw-dropping mountain scene.

Travel: Get the whole scene while exploring new places.

Architecture / Real Estate: Capture a wider view of interiors or the full height of a skyscraper.

People: Take group photos with twice as many people. Never worry about your kids running out of the picture.

Video: Add context to any scene while combating the cropping that happens on mobile videos.


The New Wide Lens is an everyday, go-to wide-angle lens for mobile photographers and filmmakers. It’s new glass and wide angle design allows your phone capture 2x more picture. The most advanced lens we’ve ever made, the New Wide Lens captures smartphone photos and videos that are beautiful, crisp, and straight with no fisheye distortion.

Mobile Lens
Lens Construction

5 elements in 4 groups

Coated optical glass

LENS Magnification 18mm HD Wide Angle Lens
Minimum focus distance Wide Angle Lens 18mm
Angle of View – Horizontal
Angle of View – Diagonal
Weight 43g
Adaptation Android and iOS phone, iPHONE X, iPHONE PLUS, SAMSUNG S8 OR OVER UP TO 5.5"

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