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  • 品牌: Huion 繪王
  • 型號: INSPIROY Q11K

Immediate feedback Incredibly 

synchronizing with your creative inspiration

Incorporating high-speed locus sensing technology, Q11K quickly senses stroking movement of digital pen.

PF150 will make 233 immediate feedbacks per second, which is unbelievably much faster than your handwriting speed.

  1. Pressure Level 8192Levels
  2. Pen Resolution 5080 LPI
  3. Accuracy ±0.3mm
  4. Customized shortcut key
  5. vertical and horizontal pattern design
  6. wireless access and wired transmission
  7. Immediate feedback Incredibly
  8. Precise capture, pixel effect of graphic display
Graphic Tablet
Technology Cordless Active Electromagnetic Resonance Technology + Capacities Touch
Active Area 11″ x 6.85″
Pen Pressure 8192 Levels
Resolution 5080 LPI(Line Per Inch) - Accuracy ±0.3mm
Report Rate 233 RPS
Reading Height 12mm
Express Keys 6 Customized Press Keys
Wireless Distance 2.4G Approx. 10-20m(Depending on the actual use of the environment)
Battery Capacity 2500mAh-Approx. 40hrs
Active Pen PF150 Rechargetable sensitivity pen
OS Support Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X10.11 or later
Software Compatible PhotoShop | illustrator | Sketchbook | 3D Max | Maya | AutoCad | CorelDraw | CorelPainter | Clip Studio Paint | Sai | Misschief | Art Rage | Expresii 寫意 | Kirta | MediBang Paint Pro | Inkscape |未能盡錄